BITAND function

BITAND function

This function lunched with Excel 2013 and it returns a bitwise "AND" of two numbers.

Example:- The binary number for 5 is 101 and for 9, it is 1001 and bits of these two number matches at rightmost postion only and hence the result should be 1.  BITAND function will return 1 in this case.


Number -  Binary

5 -  101

9-  1001

As we only consider 1 for bit matching, we can clearly see that rightmost 1 is matching in above example.



=BITAND( number1, number2)


where number1 and number 2 should be greater than or equal to Zero.


Note:- you'll get #NUM error, if any of the 2 number are less than Zero and you'll get #VALUE error if any non-numeric value entered in place of number 1 or number 2.

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