How to get currency conversions calculator in Excel

In this article, we will learn How to get a currency conversion calculator in Excel.

Scenario :

Generally, we come across situations where we need to find the currency or money conversion calculator. For this we need a conversion table having the amount and currency to convert. To convert an amount of one currency to another currency, we need to multiply it with a factor which is rate of conversion. But you wouldn't believe, you can perform the task with Excel basic function VLOOKUP function. This function finds the multiplying factor or rate from the table.

1 USD dollar = 0.92 Euros

So 10 USD dollars = 9.2 euros (0.92 is rate)

How to solve the problem?

You must be thinking how is this possible, to perform logical operations over table arrays using VLOOKUP function. VLOOKUP function in excel is very useful, It will get you through some difficult tasks in Excel. VLOOKUP function finds values in table array corresponding to required values and returns the result. For this problem, we will be using the below formula.

Generic formula:

=VLOOKUP ( lookup_currency , usd_conversion_table , col , 0 ) * usd_dollar

lookup_currency : usd to look up currency

usd_conversion_table : usd to currency rate table

col : rate field column of table

0 : exact match

usd_dollar : dollar to convert.

Example :

All of these might be confusing to understand. So, let's test this formula via running it on the example shown below. Here we have data in the right side and given an amount (USD) to convert into given currency.

Here the table array is G3:H9. In the table we have the conversion of 1 USD (dollars) to given currency with rate. Here the formula extracts the amount (in yen) when 10$ USD is converted.

Use the formula:

=VLOOKUP ( D4 , G3:H9 , 2 , 0 ) * B4


  1. D4, Yen is the lookup value which looks for rate corresponding to Yen.
  2. The function looks for the value in table G3:H9.
  3. The function looks for the value in 2nd column of the table where 1st column must have the lookup value and rate be the 2nd column.
  4. 0 finds the exact match.

Here the range as table is given as array reference and value as cell reference. Press Enter to get the result.

When 10$ USD is converted to yen comes out to be 1079 yens. Now to get the other conversions just add values parallel to the above value and freeze the table array using ($) char. Then use Ctrl + D to copy formula to remaining cells.

As you can see, now we can get any conversion which are in the conversion table. And using just one Excel function, we get the money conversion or currency conversion using the explained formula above. The function returns error, if doesn't find the match in the function. But VLOOKUP is not a case sensitive function, so it can matches with Yen or YEN or yen. Use Exact function with lookup value, to get the formula for case sensitive look_up value.

Here are all the observational notes regarding using the formula. 

Notes :

  1. The rate array in the formula only works with numbers but the loop_up array can be with numbers as well as text values.
  2. Make sure to check the spelling error in look_up value and lookup array.
  3. If the formula returns #VALUE error, check for the used braces must be present in an order in the formula as shown in the examples in the article.
  4. Lookup array must be the first column of the lookup table.
  5. You cannot look towards right of the lookup array. Make sure to check that the rate array be on left side of the lookup array as shown in article
  6. Careful with the freezing table array and cell references.

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