Excel increment cell reference using INDIRECT function

In this article, we will learn How to get cell reference increments using the INDIRECT function in Excel.

Scenario :

Working with datasets in different sheets, Sometimes we need to look for a sequence of values from another sheet using an INDIRECT function. For example extracting vital information in different data arrays from the different sheets into the main sheet. So for this you might be using copy and paste value from the Data sheet to the main sheet. But the returned value doesn't get updated as value gets updated in the Data sheet. The below explained formula saves your repeated work of picking each element one by one from another sheet.

How to solve the problem?

For this problem, we will be considering the way we use to pick elements from the same sheet, then we will use the formula to extract a list of values from different sheets. Excel INDIRECT & CELL function will be used to make a formula to do so as explained below.

Generic formula:

=INDIRECT ( "sheet_name" & "!" & CELL( "address", cell_ref)

sheet_name : sheet name

cell_ref : cell reference without sheet name.


Example :

All of these might be confusing to understand. Let's take an example to understand how to use the formula to extract an array of values from the different sheets. Here we have a worksheet having values in different sheets. We need to extract a list of values using the formula

Use the formula:

=INDIRECT ( $C$3 & "!" & CELL("address",B1))


  1. When extracting a value from the different sheet. The excel accepts a syntax which is Sheet1!B1. (Here Sheet1 is sheet name and B1 is cell reference).
  2. The CELL function returns the cell reference and feeds the reference to the INDIRECT function.
  3. & operator joins or concatenates the two or more arguments.
  4. INDIRECT function returns the value in the cell reference provided. 

Here B1 is a cell reference of the same sheet but value is extracted from the Data sheet. 

The value in the Data sheet B1 cell is 5800. Copy the formula to get the list of values starting from the value extracted from the first result.

Here we have the list of values starting from the B1 to B7 cell of the Data sheet.  


Excel increment cell reference from different sheet using cell reference.

We know how to get cell reference increment from the same sheet. Let's use a formula to extract value from the same sheet. Generic Formula is =cell_ref.  

What this formula does is paste picks the value from the address which is the cell reference. When a cell reference is used within a formula. It can be used for various tasks and value gets updates as value gets updated from the cell. Extend the formula to below cells to get a list of values.

As you can see here we have the required arrey. Now we need to get these values to the main sheet. Excel accepts the syntax when extracting values from different sheet which is =Reference!A1. (Here Reference is sheet name and A1 is cell reference).

Copy the formula to the remaining cells using the Ctrl + D or drag down from the right bottom of the cell.

As you can see, here we have all the required values from the Reference sheet. There's one more method to get the values from different sheets.


Extract list of values from different sheets using named range.

We can use a method to call the whole array directly using the named range from different sheets. For this, we will just select the array or table and name the selected part in the name box and call it by the name wherever required in the worksheet.

Here selected the whole table and named it Data. Name box is found on the top left corner of the sheet as highlighted in the above sheet.

We will extract the named table in the new sheet. Go to the new sheet and select the same number of cells and type the formula stated below.

Use the formula:

{ =Data }

Note : use Ctrl + Shift + Enter instead of Enter to the formula working for arrays. Do not use put curly braces manually.

As we can see the formula works fine. Any of these methods can be used wherever needed.

Here are all the observational notes regarding using the formula. 


  1. These formulas only extract values not the format. You can apply the same formatting using the format painter tool across sheets.
  2. Value gets updated as we change the value in cell reference.
  3. We can edit the values inside the formula using different operators like mathematical operator for numbers, "&" operator for text values.

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