Recovering Data from a Corrupted Workbook That Cannot Be Opened in Excel 2007

To recover data from a corrupted workbook:

1. Open a new workbook, and save it using the name of the corrupted workbook, but in a different folder than the original.
2. Change the new sheets names to those in the corrupted workbook (try to remember all of them), and then save the workbook.
3. Open a new workbook. In cell A1 of the first sheet, insert a linked formula to cell A1 in the newly created workbook (steps 1 and 2).
4. Copy the formula to all cells covering the data area (as you remember it to be in the first sheet of the corrupted workbook).
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all sheets, and then save and close the new workbook.
6. Change the linked source address. Select Data -> Edit links to file (in Manage Connections Group).
7. Locate the corrupted workbook, select it and then close the Edit Links dialog box.
8. Check the result. If the data appears in the new workbook, copy all cells in each sheet and paste them back as values.

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