The Name Box in Excel

Excel Name Box is nothing but a small display area on excel that shows the name of active ranges in excel.
Uses of Name Box
There are a few important uses of Excel Name Box.

  • To See Names: This is one basic use of excel name box. The name box can be used to see names of active cell, named range, table names and other object’s names. Whatever you select, related name will be shown in named box.


  • To quickly name a range: The Named Range can be used to name the selected range. Just select the range and type the named range. But be sure that the name does not exist already. Otherwise, excel will take you to that named range. That brings us to third feature of name box.
  • Quickly navigate to named range: If you have named ranges in excel and you want to select that named range, just go to named box and type the exact name. It will be selected. Not only ranges but objects too. Like shapes, images, buttons etc.

Note: be careful while using name box for navigation. If you type an incorrect name that does not exists on sheet, the active cell or range will be named as per feature number 2.

So yeah guys, this is what name box is for in excel. You can see the names, navigate to them and rename the ranges.

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