Convert Julian Date to a Calendar Date in Microsoft Excel

In this article you’ll learn, how to convert a Julian date to a calendar date.

What is Julian date?

Julian date calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar. The length of Julian date is 5, in which first 2 digits represt the year and last 3 digits represent the day of the year.

For example:-

  • 1st January 2008, Julian date 08001. Where “08” being the year and “001” being the date

To convert the Julian date format to a calendar date, we use IF, LEFT and MOD function in Microsoft Excel.

Let’s take an example,

In Column A we have Julian date and in column B we want to convert Julian date into calendar date.

image 1


Follow below given steps:-

  • Enter the formula in cell B2
  • =("1/1/"&(IF(LEFT(A2,2)*1<20,2000,1900)+LEFT(A2,2)))+MOD(A2,1000)-1
  • Press Enter
  • The function will convert the Julian date format in to Calendar date

image 2


  •  Copy the same formula by pressing the key Ctrl+C and paste in the range B3:B10 by pressing the key Ctrl+V on your keyboard

image 3


Formula Explanation:-

  • (IF(LEFT(A2,2)*1<20,2000,1900)+LEFT(A2,2))) :- This part of formula will help to get the year
  • MOD(A2,1000) :- This part of formula will help to get the number of days
  • By using rest part formula will calculate the date as number, because excel has stored the date as numbers.

In this way, we can convert the Julian date to a calendar date in Microsoft Excel.

Important Note:- To convert the 4 digit’s Julian date into calendar date we have to convert Julian date into text format.

Take a look at the below example,

image 4


image 48


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