Industry Statistics Dashboard in Microsoft Excel

About Dashboard:

In day to day life when we talk of business, analysis is very important factor to run business successfully. Analysis helps us in getting a clear idea of profit or loss of a business and also how, when and where business strategy needs to be changed.

It would be very difficult to understand about the profit/loss if we have only data with us. There are chances that we might get a vague idea of our business. At this point dashboards give us clear idea of our business.

Let us take an example

An industry which is involved in selling products through website. This industry is running business in different countries since January 2013. Management wants to compare their stats sales wise, country wise, globally, how much they spend onadvertisements and their income. Here is best example of the same.


We need to select month from the dropdown list as shown in figure. When we select the month from the dropdown, automatically the data gets changed to show the figures of that month and then compare it with previous month.


Below screenshot displays the Country wise trend of the cost incurred by the industry in each month. User needs to select country from the dropdown list.


Below screenshot displays the department wise income of the industry


Below screenshot displays the Cost incurred for the whole industry each month.


Below screenshot displays the Sales Trend of the sales done.


Below screenshot displays the Income Tend in % for each month.


image 48


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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Industry Statistics Dashboard is open for downloading, you can download it from the link provided.

    Ashish Mehra

  2. Hi,

    Industry Statistics Dashboard is open for downloading, anyone can download it from the link provided.

    Ashish Mehra

  3. Yet another who is after the file. I don't know if these messages are being answered but perhaps it could just be published on the web page to put all these people out of their misery.

  4. Please send me a copy of this dashboard which would help my understanding of applying various features and formulae - it looks great

  5. Nice work in this dashboard. Is it possible to e-mail it to me so that I can study the formulas and the way eveything is put together?
    I will really appreciate your positive reply

  6. Since everyone is interested in seeing the setup of the dashboard, why wouldn't you make every dashboard available to download? People who are interested can download without reading everyone's response asking for the download.

  7. I am such a novice Excel user. What level of knowledge is required to accomplish dashboards? It appears to be very intimidating. Is a course available along with the example?

  8. I am absolutely new to Excel. Will this dashboard assignment be the start of a crash course for me? Or should I start with a project more beginner friendly?

  9. hi Admin,

    is the file able to be share as this is a positive templates for me to understanding the performance.

    let me know.


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