Data Tab in Microsoft Excel

We use Data tab for the large amount of data.It is useful to import the data by connecting with the server, and we can import data automatically from web, MS Access etc. And sort & filter are very helpful options we have in Excel; it makes easy to read vast data.


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Data tab contains 5 groups:-


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a)    Get External Data: - In Excel, we can import data from MS Access, Web, Text and other sources. Also, we can import the data from other applications.

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b)    Connections: -It is used to display the entire data connections for the workbook. Data connections are links to the data outside the workbook which can be updated if the source data changes. And updated data can be obtained by refreshing all sources in workbook.

image 4


c)    Sort & Filter: -To set the data in ascending or descending order on the basis of value or as per the first letter of a word, we use Sort option. Also, we can put the basic and advanced filter from here only.

image 5


d)    Data Tools: -This option is very important to make the report interactive; it helps us to make the data authentic, and using this tab, we can restrict or validate the entries if the data is being updated by multiple users. Text to Columns helps us to split the single column into multiple columns as per data. Flash fills the values in the range. We can delete duplicate rows from the data by using Remove Duplicates option. We use Data Validation to provide the list that can be entered in cell, or we can restrict the entries, or we can validate the entries in the cell. We use Consolidate option to summarize data from separate ranges, and consolidate the result in a single output range. We use What-if-Analysis to analyse the data.

image 6


e)    Outline: -We use this option to make the data more analytical and understandable. We can make group of rows or columns or automatically create an outline. We can ungroup the data; quickly calculate rows of related data by inserting subtotals and totals. We use Show and Hide options when we want to insert the Subtotal in data.

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