Seeing Calculation Results Immediately


If you are interested in seeing the calculation of numbers quickly without using formulas, you can see the results in status bar.

To see calculations results immediately:

  • Select the range of numbers that you want to calculate quickly.
  • Right-click the Status Bar to open the fast calculation menu.

Note: Remember to select a range before using this option.

Six functions are available:

  • MAX
  • MIN
  • SUM

To view the calculation results for all six functions at same point of time in status bar, you need to right click on status bar & select all of them refer below snapshot.
Refer below show snapshot:
To see the calculation of a row, you need to select the row & results will be calculated in status bar.
To quickly see the calculation of multiple rows or columns, you need to select them & results will be calculated in status bar.
Example of selecting multiple columns & seeing the results in status bar refer below snapshot.

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