Return the cell reference as text in Microsoft Excel

Row number in cell A1:		2

Column number in cell A2:		3

Sheet name in cell A3:		ExcelTip

The Function :			=ADDRESS(A1,A2,4,TRUE,A3)

Result:				ExcelTip!C2

Formula Description (Result)

=ADDRESS(2,3) 			Absolute reference ($C$2) 
=ADDRESS(2,3,2)			Absolute row; relative column (C$2) 
	Absolute row; relative column in R1C1 reference style (R2C[3]) 
	Absolute reference to another workbook and worksheet ([Book1]Sheet1!R2C3) 
	Absolute reference to another worksheet ('EXCEL SHEET'!R2C3)

3 thoughts on “Return the cell reference as text in Microsoft Excel

  1. This gave me the name of the cell I was after, but how do I get to the contents of that cell? Without directly referencing it, that is. I have a summary sheet and lots of data sheets, and want to just copy down a row when I add a data sheet.

  2. “This formula will return the contents of the cell:
    INDIRECT changes a text address to one that can be used in a formula. But be aware this will only work if the workbook you’re referencing is open.”

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