SUMIFS with Dates in Excel


This tutorial explains the usage of SUMIFS functions with dates.


To quickly learn SUMIFS function; let’s understand Excel SUMIF function in brief. SUMIF adds values meeting the specified criteria while Excel SUMIFS function allows summing values by multiple criteria.


We have Fruits in column A, Date in column B & Qty in column C; following is the snapshot of fruits data:



Let us calculate the supplied quantity in last 7 days:

  • In cell F2, the formula is
  • =SUMIFS(C2:C10,B2:B10,”>=”&TODAY()-7,B2:B10,”<=”&TODAY())




Note: Today is May 15, 2015


Example 2:

Let us calculate the supplied quantity in between 2 dates:

  • In cell F6, the formula is
  • =SUMIFS(C2:C10, B2:B10, “>=5/1/2015″, B2:B10, “<=5/15/2015″)




In this way, we can use SUMIFS excel function between two specified dates & last 7 days quantity.

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