Square root and cube root in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article we will learn if  we want to get a root of a number, it is as same as raising that number to the power of 1/root in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Square Root:


The square root of x is x^(1/2)
The square root of A1 is: =A1^(1/2)


Built-in worksheet function


To find the Square root
Open an Excel file
Let’s find the square root of a number
Here the number is 169
The formula is
Square root =POWER(E3,1/2)


When we use the formula of POWER, we get 13 as the SQUARE ROOT of 169




Cube Root:

The cube root of x is x^(1/3). The cube root of A1 is: =A1^(1/3)
You can also use the built-in worksheet function POWER: =POWER(A1;1/3)


To find the Cube root
Cube root =POWER(E3,1/3)
Let’s check this formula
Cube root of 125
The formula is
Cuberoot =POWER(E3,1/3)


When we use the formula of POWER, we get 5 as the CUBE ROOT of 225


Nth Root:

Formula for nth root is POWER(NUMBER,1/n)

2 thoughts on “Square root and cube root in Microsoft Excel 2010

  1. i try but i just want to write the power on top just like m raise power 3 example m3 this 3 i want to write on the top of m thanks any one reply me thanks

  2. This is how you get presented on papers usually.. some universally agreed format of math people to understand each other. In digital world you need to present figures for apps to understand. And this is how you give commands to them.. in their language agreed by programmers. Essentials of programming would help you more, I guess )

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