Square root and cube root in Microsoft Excel

When we want to get a root of a number, it is as same as raising that number to the power of 1/root.


Square Root:


The square root of x is x^(1/2)
The square root of A1 is: =A1^(1/2)


Built-in worksheet function


To find the Square root
Open an Excel file
Let’s find the square root of a number
Here the number is 169
The formula is
Square root =POWER(E3,1/2)


When we use the formula of POWER, we get 13 as the SQUARE ROOT of 169




Cube Root:

The cube root of x is x^(1/3). The cube root of A1 is: =A1^(1/3)
You can also use the built-in worksheet function POWER: =POWER(A1;1/3)


To find the Cube root
Cube root =POWER(E3,1/3)
Let’s check this formula
Cube root of 125
The formula is
Cuberoot =POWER(E3,1/3)


When we use the formula of POWER, we get 5 as the CUBE ROOT of 225



Nth Root:

Formula for nth root is POWER(NUMBER,1/n)

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  1. i try but i just want to write the power on top just like m raise power 3 example m3 this 3 i want to write on the top of m thanks any one reply me thanks

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