Square root and cube root in Microsoft Excel

Getting a root of a number is the same as raising that number to the power of 1/root.

The square root of x is x^(1/2). The square root of A1 is: =A1^(1/2).
You can also use the built-in worksheet function SQRT: =SQRT(A1)

The cube root of x is x^(1/3). The cube root of A1 is: =A1^(1/3).
You can also use the built-in worksheet function POWER: =POWER(A1;1/3)

Arlette Aloysius

Arlette Aloysius has more than 10 years of experience working with excel. She started teaching excel and other microsoft office programs to government employees when she was in college as part of extra-curricular activities. In her 9 years of work experience, she has worked extensively on excel and automated several reports using vba. In her current role as administrator of Excelforum.com, she provides simple as well as complicated vba solutions to users who need their reports to be automated. She is a Commerce graduate who specialized in Computer Applications where she was able to pick up the basics of the VB programming language. She then pursued to do her Post Graduate Diploma in International Business. Excel sheets are part of her daily life. She uses it even for small personal uses like keeping track of household expenses, investments, etc. By using excel as a tracker cum dashboard helps her to be up-to-date with all financial aspects in her day to day operations.

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