Truncate in Microsoft Excel

In this article, you will learn how to use truncate function in Microsoft Excel and what is the use of it?

What is truncate function?

Truncate is a number to an integer by removing the decimal or fractional part of number.

image 1


For Example:-

image 2


Enter the Trunc function in cell B1:- =TRUNC(A1,0)

image 3


image 4


To solve this problem we can use INT function as well but INT function only chops off decimal from positive numbers.

Let’s take an example and understand.

We have negative number in cell A1

image 5


Enter the INT function in cell B1:- =INT(A1)

image 6


image 7


Now Enter TRUNC function in cell C1:- =TRUNC(A1,0)

image 8


image 9


Key take away:-

  • Use of TRUNC function
  • Difference between INT and TRUNC functions

image 48


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  1. Depends on the reason for truncating numbers. For most part, I just edit the format of the text in the cell so I can show it in a truncated form while still being able to use it without issues of error propagation.

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