Adding the Subtotals Icon to the Menu Bar in Microsoft Excel 2010


In this article, we will learn how to add the subtotal icon to the menu bar in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Subtotal: - This option is used to quickly calculate rows of related data by inserting subtotals and totals.
To add the Subtotal Icon to the menu bar, follow the below given steps:-

  • Place the mouse over one of the toolbars then, right click and select More commands from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar’s drop down menu.


  • Excel Options dialog box will appear.
  • Select All Commands from the Choose commands drop down menu.


  • All Commands will appear, find the Subtotal function, click on add button, and then click on OK.


  • Subtotal icon will appear on the top of the Excel Sheet.

After adding the Subtotal icon to menu bar, press the short cut key Alt+9 on your keyboard.

This is the how we can add the subtotal icon to the Menu in Microsoft Excel 2010.

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