Inserting Page Numbers in Excel 2007

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Inserting Page Numbers in Excel 2007

Excel offers a number of options for printing continuous page numbers.

To Insert a Page Number using Page Setup dialog box:

  1. Select Page Layout -> Page Setup Group > Click Dialog Box Launcher in the bottom-right corner
  2. grooup
  3. It will open Page Setup Dialog Box for you.
  4. grooup
  5. In Page Setup Dialog Box > Select Header / Footer Tab.
  6. grooup
    1. In Header or Footer Dropdown menu, few preset option available to set. You can Set Header / Footer to “page 1” or “Page 1 of ?”.. for example..
      1. Page 25
      2. Page 25 of 60
    2. If you need more customized Header / Footer.. click Custom Header / Custom Footer.
      1. In opened Dialog Box… you will find 3 section
        1.                                                                i.      Left
        2.                                                              ii.      Center &
        3.                                                             iii.      Right
      2. In each section you can add
        1.                                                                i.      Text
        2.                                                              ii.      Some predefined Data like page Number, Time, Date or File Name, by using clicking buttons.
        3.                                                             iii.      You can add Picture / company Logo also.

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