Pivot Table Report Grouping Date Field in Microsoft Excel 2010

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To make use of grouping the date field by quarter in pivot table report, we can use a combination of MOD, CEILING & MONTH functions to get the output.

Let us take an example:

Column A contains Dates & column B contains Sales.We need a formula to calculate the Quarter number in a Fiscal year. For example, Q1 will start from 1-Oct to 31-Dec, Q2 from 1-Jan to 31-Mar, Q3 from 1-Apr to 30-Jun, Q4 from 1-Jul to 30-Sep.


  • In cell C2, the formula would be
  • =”Q”&(MOD(CEILING(22+MONTH(A2)-9-1,3)/3,4)+1)


  • Copying down the formula in below shown range, we will get the desired result.


To make use of Quarters in a Fiscal year, we need to create a pivot table report.

  • Arrange the fields as shown in below shown snapshot.


  • To view the entire report quarter wise, you need to click on any cell in column A & right click
  • Select Expand/Collapse & then click on Collapse Entire Field


  • You will be able to view the report quarter wise.


In this way we can group in excel.

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One thought on “Pivot Table Report Grouping Date Field in Microsoft Excel 2010

  1. I commonly refer to Quarters in my pivot tables but I use the CHOOSE function. The formula looks like this.
    Great post, I love this site!

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