Menus, Toolbars, Status bar in VBA

Change the availability for the shortcut menus using VBA in Microsoft Excel

The macro below shows how you can toggle the availability state for the shortcut menus. Sub ToggleCommandBars() Dim cbEnabled As Boolean cbEnabled = Not CommandBars(25).Enabled CommandBars(25).Enabled = cbEnabled ' shortcutmenu for cells CommandBars(26).Enabled = cbEnabled ' shortcutmenu for columns CommandBars(27).Enabled … Continue reading

Activate full-screen feature and disable window resize button of an Excel workbook using VBA in Microsoft Excel.

In this article we will learn how to activate full-screen feature and disable window resize button using VBA. Logic explanation We have created “ActivatingFullScreen” macro to change the property of Excel application to enable the full-screen feature. We have used … Continue reading

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