Displaying the Serial Number Behind the Date


Excel handles dates and times numerically. The numbers for dates range from 1 to 2958465, with 1 indicating January 1, 1900, and 2958465 indicating December 31, 9999.

To see the serial number behind a date:
Press Ctrl+` (the ` key is to the left of the 1 key) to change the display of the cell’s contents.

To convert a date to its serial number:
Press Ctrl+Shift+~ to change the cell’s contents.
Screenshot // Displaying the Serial Number Behind the Date
Displaying the Serial Number Behind the Date

6 thoughts on “Displaying the Serial Number Behind the Date

  1. In my version of Excel 2000, to turn a number into a date you merely press Ctrl + # (no shift key). This produces the date in the following format: 25-Apr-03. The same key combination will also change any other pre-existing date format to this format.

  2. this is cool to know, but when would you ever use this? wouldn’t you have to memorize the number combination for every date in order to use this?

  3. I want pure number without time and date format.
    example: in cell type the 7:49
    I want number 7 in cell and 49 in other cell
    only I need to numbers without format date and time.
    please help me

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