Saving Filtering Criteria

To save filtering criteria, use Custom Views:

Step 1: Add the Custom Views icon to the toolbar

1. Place the mouse over one of the toolbars, right click, and select Customize from the shortcut menu.
2. Select the Commands tab.
3. From Categories, select View and drag the Custom Views icon to the Menu bar.

Step 2: Save the filtering criteria

1. Select a cell from the column containing the criteria you want to Filter with.
2. Click the AutoFilter icon (see Tip #261).
3. Type any text criteria you want into the Custom Views box and click twice to save.
4. Repeat the previous step and save as many filtering criteria as needed from any sheet within the workbook.

Save as many filtering criteria in Custom Views as needed.
Screenshot // Saving Filtering Criteria
Saving Filtering Criteria

7 thoughts on “Saving Filtering Criteria

  1. I work in the auto parts business & I constantly have to check inventories. Here is what I need to do: I have a column of numbers for example 1,2,3,4,5,6. I need to input another colum of numbers, example, 1,4,5 and have them “match up” with the 1st column. I have tried “match” and just can’t seem to get it to work. This would really help me greatly. Thanks in advance

  2. Unfortunately, Custom Views won’t work while the worksheet is protected. The message “Some view settings could not be applied.” will pop up and it just doesn’t work…, or doesl it ?

  3. “Hello Alan,

    Thanks but No, Thanks…
    The worksheet is supposed to be protected so the user won’t mess around with protected fields…but still it would be handy to have those views ready for printing purposes. By the way, the custom views list doesn’t come alphabetically sorted. Is there anyway to sort it ?

    Thanks in advance


    Pedro Bonniz”

  4. “Hi Pedro,

    There might be an easy way around that, but I don’t know it.

    I guess you could write VBA code to do this though. It would have to unprotect, select the custom view, and then re-protect.

    Note that *sheet protection* is only ever a nominal security even with a password – they are trivial to break, so you could ‘hide’ the password in the VBA code working on the assumption that anyone who knows how to read VBA code will also be able to break the sheet protection if they wanted to.



  5. My document has over 632,000 rows, and probably 15 columns that contains data for the entire U.S. I am trying to filter by individuals states, which I can do…..BUT, when I try to save that filtered document (to save by the states I need)it does not work. It saves the entire document again. Even if you simply highlight it will not save. Can you help me please? Thanks

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