Summing Monthly Trial Balance Figures

To total the figures of the monthly Trial Balances Lists:

1. Define Names for each of the Trial Balances as follows: Select a cell within the January Trial Balance, press Ctrl+Shift+* (in Excel 2003, press this or Ctrl+A) to select the region, and then press Ctrl+F3 to define the Name TB_Jan.
2. Repeat step 1 for the February Trial Balance and define a Name for TB_Feb.
3. Select a cell, and from the Data menu, select Consolidate.
4. In the Reference box, press F3.
5. In the Paste Name dialog box, select TB_Jan, click OK, and then click Add to add TB_Jan to All references.
6. Press F3 again and add TB_Feb to All references.
7. In Use Labels in, select the Top row and Left column checkboxes, and then click OK.
The Consolidated Trial Balances:
Screenshot // Summing Monthly Trial Balance Figures
Summing Monthly Trial Balance FiguresSumming Monthly Trial Balance Figures

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