Search and copy date values using VBA

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Question: Dates are to be copied in an area with a start and end value inquired by a input box

Answer: Insert the following code in the appropriate modules.

Place the code below into the standard module

 Sub Marking() Dim aCell As Range, bCell As Range Dim Start Dim Off On Error GoTo ErrorHandler Start = CDate(InputBox("Start:")) Set aCell = Columns(1).Find(DateValue(Start), LookIn:=xlFormulas) If aCell Is Nothing Then GoTo ErrorHandler Off = CDate(InputBox("End:")) Set bCell = Columns(1).Find(DateValue(Off), LookIn:=xlFormulas) If bCell Is Nothing Then GoTo ErrorHandler Worksheets("Sheet2").Cells.ClearContents Rows(aCell.Row & ":" & bCell.Row).Copy Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("A1") End ErrorHandler: Beep MsgBox "Not valid Date!" End Sub
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