Review Tab in Microsoft Excel


Review tab contains the editing feature, comments, track changes and workbook protection options. These features make it easy to share the data with the proper information whilst ensuring security of data.


image 1

Review tab contains 4 groups:-


image 2


a)    Proofing: -We use proofing to correct the typo mistakes through spelling option. Research and dictionary work alike. And Thesaurus suggests other ways to say anything.

image 3


b)    Language: - We use this optionto translate the sentence in any other language.

image 4


c)    Comment: -When we want to give the message about the cell, we use comment option. We can insert and delete the comment, show and hide the comment, and then we have an option to show all the comments.

image 5


d)    Changes: - We use Changes option to protect the sheet and workbook, and we can allow user to edit the specific range; also, we can share the workbook as well. When we want to prevent the unwanted changes in the sheet by others, we can protect the sheet by using the “Protect Sheet” option. And, if we don’t want other users to do any structural changes in the workbook such as moving, deleting or adding sheets, we can do it by using the “Protect workbook” option. Using “Share workbook” option, we can grant access to multiple users to work on a file at the same time. We use “Protect and share workbook” option to share the workbook and protect change tracking with a password. We use “Allow users to edit ranges” to set up password protection on few ranges and we can select the users who can edit those ranges. We use “Track changes” to keep the track of changes made in the file.

image 6




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