How to Minimize the Excel Ribbon


In Excel, we can use minimize option as per our requirement.  If we want to see the full screen of Excel and don’t want to see the Ribbon, then we can always minimize the Excel ribbon.

In Excel, we have ribbon display option on the top right corner of the Excel sheet.


image 1


Where we will find the 3 options: – 1st Auto-hide Ribbon, 2nd Show Tabs, 3rd Show tabs and commands?

Conclusion: – When we want to show the dashboard in one screen this is the best option.

a)    Auto hide ribbon is used to hide the ribbon along with tabs.

image 2


b)    Show tabs is used just to show the tabs. When we click on tab, commands will appear.

image 3


c)    Show tabs and commands are used when we want to access the ribbon or we can say that it is default preview of Excel.

image 4


This is how Excel ribbon provides us functions, formula etc. options to use the Excel easily. If we don’t know how function will work, we can always take Excel’s help.




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